ending the doodle session with my oc danni eating chicken mcnuggets (a request from my friend). it was banned in our region for a while and I was so happy when I heard that it was back. But thank you everyone who sent me great ideas to draw! I’m sorry that I couldn’t draw all of them ;___;



my Jack kun


I love your jack so much ;___; !!!!

johnnytopsideofficial asked:
How about you try to draw something with Stanley Poole? I wish there was more art of him because he's an interesting character and I really love your drawings♡

this was a new one, and I enjoyed drawing him a lot!

milesupshur replied to your post “someone tell me what to draw im stuck .___.”


i had no good ideas

intellectandwill replied to your post “someone tell me what to draw im stuck .___.”


so I drew a thing

someone tell me what to draw im stuck .___.

Anonymous asked:
God damn of all the things you posted about yourself it was your favourite POKEMON that made me fall for you

I’ve never met anyone who loves those sets of pokemons before (okay maybe not mewtwo) and my favourite pokemon character is steven stone. noone will take him away from me 

OOC Tag Game


five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favourite followers  Tagged by: she-walked-with-lions

  1. I went to a mongolian prison once. 
  2. I have so many stuffed toys on my bed, more than half of the space is occupied by them dolls. I have a hard time sleeping.
  3. I am engaged to a criminologist.
  4. I stayed over at a Maori wharenui before.
  5. My favourite pokemon is umbreon, jirachi and mewtwo. 

aaaaand I’ll pass this to:

faezor arszanka blutrippe  porcelain-infinity jackwhynand  scottishfawn  empauror 

!! If you did it before, just skip it :3 would love to get to know you all!
Anonymous asked:
Absolutely love your art, always inspires me to draw more. <3

Thank you ;____; I always get inspired by other’s works as well, so the inspiration cycle just goes on :0 But this message made my day!