A collab I did with luchtschild! It was really great to work on and tune in to these unique brush settings. Thank you very much!!!

omg i didnt know that this was updated! but im so glad i could participate in it ahhh :3 arszanka is such an amazing artist!
liz and her hair.
i didnt know you liked x-men OOOO

I LOVE XMEN usually erik but this time peter ugh hes so cute.

im so busy lately, i have no time to draw at all. But have some pietro with a muzzle on just because. 

700 Follower Giveaway Results

The giveaway results are out! The winner is trexila, congratulations! :) Anything you’d like me to draw! Thank you for all who participated, and keeps this blog (more like an art dumpsite) going, you guys are all awesome. Hope I can do another one for the 900!


Me and the bae 
Thank you luchtschild!!!!

ladytenenbaum asked:
Hi there! I just wanted to thank you so much for making the Atlas posters, I got them as a birthday present today. I have them on my wall right now and they look absolutely AWESOME, gotta love Rapture propaganda (and especially Atlas'). Thank you again! :) x

!!! I’m glad that you like them :) Rapture propaganda is the best, and they have so many pretty 1950s poster designs… it never ends. Thanks for the purchase :D

so xmen days of future past gave me much hatejoy for the mutant parents, and I landed on charles’ telegram to erik asking him to come home

Made this sports logo a while back for #FHP Drawing Board contest. Didn’t make it to the deadline. GG.