im a bit sick today so idk what im drawing
Anonymous asked:
hey could you draw Elizabeth and Eleanor Lamb?

I think I drew them a few times, like this or this and a few others in the past, but not both Elizabeh and Eleanor together in the same scene. You could commission me if you’d like :0 ?

this is tragic but I…. love you a lot

I feel loved. yes

this was me today: I dressed up in a kirby shirt because I thought I was going to go to a friend’s birthday party, when in reality the party got canceled because one of the guests fell off a bike & turns out that I had an infection brewing in my guts as well - I ended up in the accidents/emergency ward with this sad outfit
all the cornering/blocking techniques bioshock ver, not sorry 
Suddenly came across the grand budapest hotel (and eventually M. Gustave) while thinking of doodle ideas. Always thought the whole movie was extremely scary/creepy.